1. It’s Alright
  2. Ki Ki Ki
  3. Little Smile
  4. Sunny Morning
  5. Rainbowgirl
  6. Hey
  7. Ju Ju Man
  8. Your Smile
  9. It’s Not A Tragedy
  10. Reminds Me
  11. Silence
  12. Semuyé
  13. Ellele


Reminds Me

Your Smile

Little Smile

Ki Ki Ki

All Songs written and performed by Zaphir:

Andrea Janser
Angie Lütolf
Simone Glauser

Produced by Steugut
Recorded and Mixed by Dani Wirth, Bau 2 Studios, Winterthur
Mastered by Dan Sutter, Echochamber, Zürich
Photographed by Christine Gluch, Zürich
Designed by Christine Gluch, Zürich
© 2011 Zaphir